It is with a great big smile that I welcome you to this sweet and lovely home away from home for empaths, sensitive souls, and also those looking to connect with the deeper aspects of who they are. I connect with the world right down to the deep of it all, and it is this depth of connection with life I intend to sprinkle throughout these pages.

The creative, sensitive souls of the world tend to see life very differently to others, and sometimes we feel a little lonely because of it. If that is the case for you: you are not alone. You are so very welcome to join me in this place. It’ll be our very own sweet, safe space to connect with like minded/hearted souls.

A beautiful home to help us learn to shine all the way through, again.

xx Brooke

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about me

Hello! My name is Brooke.

Once upon a time I would have written an about page very different to the one I’m sitting here writing, now. How the rolling waves of life change us, how they open our eyes and hearts along the way.

After a spiritual awakening in 2018, I made the connection that I was, what some people call, an empath. This means that not only did I see people’s emotions, I felt them within my body, too. (You can see how perhaps I might have coloured my world in certain ways in order to avoid feeling the denser emotions of life too often, can’t you.)

For years, I tried (unconsciously) to fit in to a very—what I perceived as—’normal’ society, and yet always it seemed as though I was the odd one out. Always that little bit more creative (okay, kind of wacky) with my thinking. Always looking on the bright side, even when it seemed to others that there wasn’t a bright side at all. I saw the world from multiple perspectives, and seemed to be seeking greater passion and depth from life than others were seeking. The main difference I found between myself and mainstream western society was that I lived with my heart, while others appeared to live more in the land of logic. Over time, I convinced myself that ‘I’ must have been ‘wrong’ in my way of being. So, without realising it, I shoved my sensitive, heart-based nature under the carpet and pretended I was ‘normal’.

In 2018, I hit rock bottom. I lost myself while raising my two little children in relative isolation, and I suppose the universe felt it was high time I got to know the real me for the very first time in my life. The woman I have become since then (and continue to become) is a much more empowered version than the me I was before, and I’m so grateful to be finally coming to accept and honour my sensitive nature. It feels so beautiful to discover all the sweet, hidden gifts a soft and open heart can bring (I’ll be sharing some of the ways I do this, on this site, in the hopes my discoveries might help you harness your own magic moments.)

I wanted to create this website for other empaths, sensitives, creatives, or even just those seeking greater depth in their lives. If this can become a place that helps, teaches, entertains, or even just brings an unexpected smile to someone’s face: I’ll be one happy love hearty lady. 🙂

So, welcome, lovely human! I’m so grateful you’ve gotten to the end of this waffle session.

Here’s to life’s great adventures. And here’s to being all that we can be.

xx Brooke

What I hope You find here:
  • Your heart & soul
  • A connection with language, beauty and nature
  • Inspiration & Growth
  • A friend in me